Saturday, August 18, 2012

Picha Maalum RvP akiwa United

Photo: Can our new number 20 fire us to our 20th league title? See all the other squad numbers here
Van Persie kwa kusaidiwa na Sir Ferguson akionesha jezi yake number 20: je atawapa taji namba 20?

Photo: Robin van Persie shows us his team watch. For all the latest RvP content click
Robin van Persie na Bosi wakionesha saa maalum za Mashetani Wekundu  

Photo: Robin meets his new team mates at Carrington. For more exclusive content visit
Robin akisalimiana na wachezaji wenza wapya mazoezini Carrington 

Photo: "I'm proud to be here and looking forward to achieving big things” says Robin What will the Reds achieve with RvP’s goals?
"Nina furaha kua hapa na nina hamu ya kufanikiwa zaidi hapa” alisema Robin

Photo: RvP joins in his first training session. See our exclusive gallery
RvP akiwa mazoezini kwa mara ya kwanza. 

Photo: “Robin was desperate to come to Manchester United” says Sir Alex RvP only wanted to join the biggest club in the world…
“Robin alitaka sana kuja Manchester United” alisema Sir Alex 

Photo: Robin van Persie signs for United. Click for more RvP content
Robin van Persie sakisaini United

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